photo by Alan Wycheck

photo by Alan Wycheck

Alan Wycheck began his photography career as a young Airman in 1985 at the Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. The following year, he won a scholarship to study photojournalism at Syracuse University and became one of the lowest ranking and least tenured airman to ever receive this prestigious scholarship. Upon the successful completion of the military photojournalism program, Alan was named Combat Photographer and stationed at Norton Air Force Base in Southern California.  His stint in the Air Force had a great impact on his life as it provided the opportunity to explore some of the world as a young man. In 1991, Alan Wycheck Photography was established as a venture into the world of commercial photography.   He is currently based in Harrisburg  Pennsylvania.  His photography is represented by Getty Images and The Associated Press. 

"I've been a professional photographer all of my adult life and I still love it.  I enjoy all types and styles of photography.  I enjoy portraiture because it has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing characters throughout my life.  I also enjoy architecture very much.  I look at architecture as sculptures in which we live, work and play.  And of course, I love travel photography.  Travel photography is all that a curious photographer can ask for.  It enables one to share the experience of the people, architecture, food and culture from locations near or from the other side of the planet."

"In addition to photography, I make art."

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